The Future Is HERE!

The Future Is HERE!

August 20. 2018 Bathroom Faucet

Like some folks remember where they were when they saw the moon landing or heard about Elvis, plumbers have their own, er, “watershed” moments. Like the first time this writer experienced sensory faucets in a public restroom.

Picture it: it’s like kids today trying to figure out a rotary phone! I stood there alone in a restroom at Walt Disney World, ready to do the responsible washing up thing, but there were no faucets – just a spigot. I bent down to look at the spout, my hand strayed under it, and, lo and behold, WATER poured out! Didn’t take me long to figure out the liquid soap dispenser had the same feature – AND the paper towel dispenser!

I raced out of the restroom, meeting up with my spouse coming out from the other one, and we excitedly exchanged sentence fragments: “My restroom had a thing …and you put your hand under it… and the soap … and the paper towels! It’s MAGIC!”

Ahh, such innocent days. Well, get ready, America. Because that wonder is coming into homes, along with other technological devices that will make you exclaim, “What sorcery is THIS?!”

Smarter Bathrooms and Kitchens

The Future Is HERESmart devices are infiltrating homes at increasing rates. Statista, a market research firm found that 33 percent of homes have one connected device and that number could rise to 60 percent by 2021.

How about in addition to water that shuts on and off as you enter or exit your shower, you can add streaming music through wireless technology?
Kohler’s VibrAcoustic hydrotherapy bathtub allows you to hear and feel your favorite music. LED lights are the latest craze: maybe you’ve seen the lights you can use in your toilet bowl. Makes a great conversation starter at a housewarming, works as a night light, but there’s no excuse for missing the bowl anymore! Another development is an LED light ring that glows red or blue to indicate water temperature.

And if you thought touchless faucets were cool, get ready for the touchless toilet that flushes with a wave of your hand! And they don’t stop there – the toilet lid even closes gently and noiselessly on its own! (You’re a wizard, Harry!)

Another contributor to a healthier, more hygienic home is American Standard’s new Optum VorMax toilet. Instead of tiny holes around the bowl, this bad boy gushes a powerful jet of water that scrubs the bowl clean with every flush, yet only uses a stingy 1.28 gallons per flush! The VorMAx’s EverClean antimicrobial finish staves off bacteria that causes odors, bacteria, mold and mildew in the bowl. Look out, Tidy Bowl Man! Your days are numbered!

In the kitchen, manufacturers are continuing to develop products that meet higher energy-efficiency standards and save water. One very cool feature of Whirlpool’s new KitchenAid dishwasher is the AquaSense Recycling system. It filters the water from the last rinse of one load of dishes and uses it to pre-rinse the next load. It stores the extra water in a tank on the side of the dishwasher, all without losing any space inside the dishwasher itself!
GROHE just developed a foot-activated faucet that operates the same way a lift gate does on fancy SUV’s! You can activate the faucet by tapping a sensor at the base of the cabinet: a handy feature if your hands are full, or for the elderly with dexterity issues.

Halt That Leak with a Handy WaterCop!

A little leak can lead to huge costs and headaches. That’s why water shutoff systems like the WaterCop control valve are such a welcomed development. If a sensor detects water leaking from your water heater, toilets, sink, dishwasher or sprinkler system, it wirelessly signals the valve to shut off. You can also install a temperature sensor that shuts off the water when indoor temperatures fall to 38 degrees F. That won’t prevent the pipes from bursting if they freeze, but it will prevent a flood.

We love keeping up with plumbing innovations and dreaming big dreams about where they’re headed next. So if you’re considering replacing faucets and fixtures, we can help you beautify and raise the value of your home’s investment – but we can also put you on the path leading to a smarter, safer, more comfortable home!

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