Septic Maintenance

Boost Septic System Life & Avoid Costly Problems With Smart Maintenance

Properly maintaining your septic tank can maximize its lifespan and prevent vexing issues. Make sure everything flows and goes by following common sense guidelines. First big rule: don’t put anything you wouldn’t eat down the drain or mix it in with your toilet waste. What goes into the tank affects what goes on inside it and comes out in the drain field. Being an informed septic tank user can help you one of our best customer – the one we see only when you need us. Let Rub-A-Dub be your smart septic system maintenance partner.

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Septic Maintenance

What you’ll get when you hire Rub-A-Dub’s Squeaky Clean Plumbers:

  • A wise and cost-efficient plan to keep your tank and drain field in tip-top shape.
  • Quick and sensible solutions to any problem.
  • Experts who know rural septic systems inside out.
  • A truck that’s a Warehouse On Wheels.
  • Upfront Pricing that leaves no surprises on your bill.
  • Wastewater smoothly flowing out of your home and a little blue duck to remember us by.


Wherever you live in East Texas, Rub-A-Dub Plumbing is ready for your plumbing challenges! We deliver professional septic maintenance plans, services and solutions. Our customers trust our capabilities. We’re insured, trained, and fully licensed. Plus, when we’re done explaining the problem, you’ll totally understand our services and how we can help!

Follow These Regular Guidelines to Keep the Flow Going

Limiting what and how much goes down the drain can help maintain a balanced breakdown working in your tank, a more efficient drain field wastewater distribution, and avoid clogs. Here’s what you can do to help:

  • Restrict What Goes In: From kitchen sinks, only easily biodegradable tiny food bits that have been washed off dining and cooking utensils. Use sink traps and dispose of any larger food parts in the garbage. In toilets, only flush human waste and septic-safe toilet paper.
  • Limit Water Usage: Install low-flow toilets and showerheads plus aerators on faucets. Get water efficient appliances for dishwashing and laundry.
  • Spread Out Washing Activities:Don’t wash large multiple loads of laundry or allow everyone to shower at one time of day. Space out washing activities to avoid large water flows that can cause messy backups, overflows and breakdowns.
  • What to Avoid: Food and cooking substances like grease, fats, cooking oils, sauces and coffee grounds can cause clogs and tank issues. No paper towels, disposable diapers, or sanitary napkins/tampons in toilets. Bleach and antibacterial soap can kill the working bacteria in the septic tank. Toxic cleaners, lubricants, solvents, lubricants, waxes and paints don’t go down the drain.
  • Use Basic Soaps: that have few extra ingredients and are natural and biodegradable.

Need Septic Tank Maintenance in East Texas?
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Long-Term Best Practices Can Save You Money & Trouble

If you do what we advise above and below, it will reduce the possibility of septic system failures. If you smell, see, or sense any issues, contact us for prompt service to avoid more serious problems. In the meantime…

  • Check your tank at least annually to make sure it maintains steady levels of wastewater, and the upper scum and lower sludge layers.
  • Pump out and renew tank about every three years (or as advised for tank size and usage).
  • Regularly check any moving parts like pumps or valves if your system has them.
  • Protect the area above the tank, drain field, and pipe paths from heavy vehicles rolling over them. Avoid any weight or activity above them that might damage them. Don’t allow any trees or bushes to take root.
  • Keep track of your system’s age and condition, so you’re ready to repair and replace as the need arises.

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