Water Heater Replacement

Water Heater Replacement by the Pros

Water Heater Replacement is often times unexpected. Rub-A-Dub Plumbing understands how important it is to have hot water in your home or business.  Our experts can provide you with different options to keep your hot water flowing and give you peace of mind. We can customize a cost-efficient and reliable solution for your home or business.  Our water heater replacement services will not break the budget and can usually be serviced on a same-day basis.

Need Hot Water Heater Replacement?
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What you’ll get when you hire Rub-A-Dub’s Squeaky Clean Plumbers:

  • An honest judgment on whether and when it’s time to replace.
  • A range of choices across various price points based on what will work best for you.
  • Any needed piping and system upgrades plus service schedules to ensure optimal functioning and the longest heater and system life.
  • A truck that’s a Warehouse On Wheels.
  • Upfront Pricing that leaves no surprises on your bill.
  • A working, watertight heater and a little blue duck to remember us by.

From Corsicana to the Tyler, Lindale & Mineola areas, Rub-A-Dub Plumbing is here for you! We will transform new hot water heater hassles into an opportunity for home improvement that enhances your daily routines and keeps costs down. Our customers can have total faith in our capabilities as we are fully licensed, insured, and trained. We’ll also be sure to explain our services to you in terms you can understand.

How We Can Meet All Your Hot Water Needs

Every home and its household is different. The Department of Energy calculates that water heaters make up 14-18 percent of your energy bills. Finding what’s right for you is what our experts do.

  • Plug into Electric Efficiency? Lower replacement costs, simpler and easy to fix heating elements, and many energy
    efficient selections are among the benefits.
  • Go With Gas? Heaters can run on natural gas or propane. Even though a bit pricier to buy, the lower ongoing operating costs usually even out any difference within a year or so.
  • Hybrid Heater? Combines a tank and on-demand heat pump to best serve hot water demand schedules. Higher purchase cost but delivers long-term energy efficiency savings.
  • Tank or Tankless? In low-demand small households, tankless heaters that work on demand can further reduce operating costs.
  • Look to the Sky With a Solar System? Here in Texas we are blessed with a warm climate and lots of sunny days, making a solar-powered water heater a viable option. High upfront costs are mitigated by a longer life (20 years) and no to low utility costs.


Need Hot Water Heater Replacement?
Call Rub-A-Dub. (903) 615-3038


 Things to Consider When Replacing Your Water Heater

  • FHR: The Magic Number: It’s the “First Hour Rating” (also called “recovery rate”) that tells you how much hot water the heater delivers in an hour. If the whole family showers every morning and last night’s dishes need to be run through the dishwasher, the right FHR assures your heater can cover it all.
  • Energy Efficiency & Ratings: High-efficiency (HE) models and a heater’s energy factor (EF) can help you pinch pennies and save bucks over the long hail
  • Capacity: Tank sizes range from 30 to 100 gallons. We help you determine what size fits your hot water flow and demands.
  • Location & Space: The measurements, location and its temperature/insulation plus ventilation of where your hot water heater is can all factor into making your choice. Some models can fit tight spots as in mobile homes.
  • Glass-Lined Tank: Guards against corrosion that can lessen tank life and cause stinky and discolored water.
  • Need Hot Water Beyond The Main House? Will separate spaces, garage apartments, outbuildings and other parts of your property need hot water from the main heater? Be mindful of this and consider augmenting your system with point-of-use heaters.
  • High-Tech Advances: Digital readouts and controls plus intuitive technology aid efficiency. Some newer models can even by controlled remotely via WiFi.

Accessories like expansion tanks, timers, water heater blankets and leak alarms are some of the add-ons that can expand and improve your heater’s operation. The Rub-A-Dub professional that arrives in the truck with the Big Blue Duck is ready to make your water heater replacement job as warm and painless as possible.

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